Stroke Smooth With the Intent to Win

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Many times, we practice our stroke only to get nervous and mess it up when it's time to hit the ball.

Steven Brownstone has some tips:

  • Practice stroking with conviction, stroke with desire and stroke mentally tough…we miss is not because of faulty vision…we miss because of a faulty stroke.
  • When you have sighted your ghost ball and you are ready to stroke your best shot…Focus and deliver your beautiful stroke as straight and solid as you can with positive thoughts in your mind…On each and every stroke… I will stroke this shot with a smooth backstroke and when I start my forward stroke it will straight and it will be accurate.
  • I will stroke this shot perfect and I will make this shot…Stroke this shot with desire…Desire to ROLL the Cue Ball and Win.
  • Stroke your shot , have no fear, no pressure…see your ghost ball on the object ball…see the object ball rolling to the pocket…see the cue ball rolling to the target.
  • Stroke and freeze after the final stroke…feel good that you have sighted your ghost ball, you have aimed your cue at the center of the cue ball, you have taken a smooth backstroke, and your forward stroke is perfect.

Do 15 minutes a day of serious practice, thinking of nothing but visualizing ghost balls on object balls and stroking perfect.

Mentally see yourself stroking at the tournament, see yourself moving around the table…with spectators watching.

See yourself sighting the ghost ball, aligning with the cue ball and descending into stance. Sight the cue ball edges as razors

Feel solid and balanced over the cue, free to stroke smoothly

Stroke feeling the sensation of the cue sliding across the bridge fingers.

Feel the connection and sensation of cue sliding on the bridge thumb and the point of contact on the cue stick with the grip thumb.

The final stroke is a smooth backstroke with eyes zoomed on the target.

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