Replacement Pool Cue Tips

Leather playing tips and hard break/jump cue tips

Pool Cue Tips

Pool cue tips are the most important part of your pool stick. 

If your tip doesn’t make the right contact with the cue ball, your shot won’t be accurate and it could cost you the game or a match. 

Our brief guide to pool stick tips can help you optimize your equipment for best results on the table.

How to Shape Pool Cue Tips?

The best pool cue tips are made of leather. They flatten over time, which can affect the accuracy of your shot because the spin isn’t quite the same as it once was. 

Shaping your pool stick tips means making it more of a round shape so more of the tip comes in contact with the cue ball. A well-shaped cue stick tip should have the curvature of a dime or a nickel, depending on your style of play. It also needs to have enough texture to hold chalk. 

Use your tip shaping tool to achieve optimal results. 

1) Place your cue on a flat surface.

2) Cover the tip with the tool.

3) Rotate the shaft back and forth.

4) Take one of the abrasive edges of the tool to shape the round edges of the leather cue tip.

5) Wet the outside edges and place the tip in between the two prongs of the tool to smooth out the edges.

6) Then you’re ready to shoot. 

Be careful not to place too much weight on the shaft when doing this. Find a long enough table to put the cue stick so it doesn’t fall when you work on it.

Who Makes The Best Pool Cue Tips?

Top brands for pool cue tip replacements include: 

Kamui, famous for their clear tips.

Taom, with colorful varieties.

Navigator and their soft and hard types.

On Cyborg with their distinctive designs.

Tiger, with its awesome logo and long-standing reputation.

All of these leather cue tips are relatively easy to replace in a few easy steps.

How To Replace Pool Cue Tips

You can replace your old cue tips in just a few minutes. 

1) Cut off the old one as close to the pool cue ferrule as you can without actually getting into the ferrule. You probably don’t want to replace your pool cue ferrule because that’s a little more involved.

2) Clean the ferrule as much as possible using the sanding tool that comes in the kit. This should remove all of the old leather and leave the surface clean and ready for the new tip.

3) Next, prepare the glue side of the cue tip by sanding it a little bit until it is nice and rough.

4) Apply a little tip cement to the glue side.

5) Center the cue stick tip as best you can before placing the new tip on it. Then press down firmly.

6) Once you have it on properly, take a paper towel and wipe away any excess cement.

7) Assemble the tip clamp that came with the kit. This keeps the tip in place while the cement dries.

8) Let the cement dry for about 15 minutes.

9) Cut and sand the new tip to exactly match the diameter of the ferrule.

10) Shape the tip to make it slightly round the way you like.

How often should replace my pool cue tips?

As soon as they are less than the thickness of a dime.

Where can I buy the best pool cue tips?

 Order yours online at