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Pool Balls

The right pool balls stay consistent in their performance for many years, resist chipping, and provide the proper action. 

If you think all billiard balls are the same, think again. Bad balls made of low-grade materials may have scrapes, divots, dings, and unsightly marks on them.

How to Clean Pool Balls

Maintaining your billiard equipment properly ensures consistent performance. 

Clean billiard balls using these steps: 

1) Fill a bucket or sink halfway with water.

2) Choose a mild soap or a pool ball cleanser and add it to the water.

3) Soak each billiard ball for 10 to 15 minutes.

4) Remove any dirt or grime after 5 minutes before returning to the water and more soaking.

5) Dry each ball with a towel.

Don’t make the water too hot, or you could cause permanent damage to the pool balls. 

There are high-tech options, as well. Billiard ball manufacturers also make pool table ball cleaners that let you clean them individually or all at once. These high-tech appliances sit on a tabletop and have specific, easy-to-follow instructions on their use.

What Are Pool Balls Made Of?

The best manufacturers create high-quality pool balls out of a blend of plastic (acrylic) and resin, a combination that is moldable and sturdy once it cures. These materials are uniformly dense for solid performance.

Top pool balls contain phenolic resin. Phenolics are commonly found in many industrial products like speakers, sound systems, and brake pads on vehicles. Billiard enthusiasts state that phenolic resin represents the highest-quality raw materials to make the best pool balls. This substance has been used to make pool balls since the mid-1920s. They are much heartier compared to their cheaper polyester counterparts.

What Pool Balls Do Professionals Use?

Aramith pool balls are widely regarded by professionals, leagues, and tournaments as the best pool balls in the world. An estimated 3 to 4 million professional players around the globe use Aramith billiard balls on a regular basis.

Each Aramith professional box set comes with standard billiard balls and a cue ball

What Are Some of the World’s Most Unique Pool Balls?

Look for billiard ball sets with unique color schemes. Aramith has a set with pink balls and a black base for the stripes instead of white. Some manufacturers create glow-in-the-dark models for fun with ultraviolet lamps, while others make clear pool balls that are transparent for the stripes. 

No matter what the design looks like, so long as the balls are made of the right materials it shouldn’t matter what set you use at home.Find a unique set of pool balls that fits your style, but make sure they are made from high-quality materials.

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