Becue Pool Sticks & Cues

Becue was founded in April 2016 by Alessandro Bressan and Michele Carniel as the culmination of the research and development work on composite materials applied to the game of billiards, carried out in previous years.  Both founders are in fact players and pool passionate and they came into contact with this world very early, as children, by attending the pool halls and participating in many tournaments and championships. In 2010, after using a multitude of traditional wooden cues and shafts, the idea of ​​overcoming the natural limits of these products through the use of composite fibers began to emerge, trying, as first intention, to overcome the decay in performance of wood over time.  The key reasoning is basic simple: all sports that involve the use of equipment have introduced materials and techniques that are very different from their origin, think of skis, tennis rackets or golf clubs. Billiards seemed to be "relegated" to using only wood.

Innovating with passion becomes the true corporate mission, a sort of mantra repeated and constantly applied. The other fundamental pillar of Becue is the end customer, the user of our products. The player is placed by Becue at the center of each decision.  Indeed, our products must not simply be unique in terms of performance and design, but above all must return a memorable experience to the player . Owning a Becue product means entering into the corporate spirit, it means touching a product with extraordinary performance and a unique design.

Why Choose a Becue Carbon Fiber Cue

When it comes to the world of billiards, the quality of your equipment can significantly impact your performance. One brand that stands out in the industry is Becue, a company that has dedicated itself to putting technology at the service of billiards. They are specialists in materials, particularly carbon and composite fibers, which they use to develop a wide range of products. Here's why you should consider choosing a Becue Pool Stick for your next game.

Benefits of a Becue Pool Stick

Innovative Technology: Becue is the first company in the world to provide customers with carbon fiber shafts and butts, thanks to their years-long study and the innovative LEONARDO BALANCE SYSTEM. This system drastically reduces the shaft mass at the tip, ensuring a consistent transfer of energy during shots.

High Performance: The AURORA system, integrated with Becue's tips, guarantees a very low deflection in all game situations, regardless of the stroke power. This innovation offers the end user a tool that maintains its mechanical and performance characteristics almost unchanged regardless of the type of shot.

Carbon Fiber Cue Butt: Becue has successfully created a cue butt entirely in carbon fiber. This butt does not absorb longitudinal forces, ensuring maximum transmission of the stroke energy to the cue ball. It also absorbs and dissipates axial forces, mitigating vibrations perceived on the player's hand and increasing the level of perceived solidity.

Resistance to Changes in Temperature and Humidity: Thanks to the exclusive full carbon lamination with which Becue builds its carbon butts, their products are not affected in any way by changes in temperature and/or humidity. This means that a Becue product will not only last over time but also maintain constant game performance.

Leonardo Balance System (LBS): Becue's new Leonardo Balance System is quick, intuitive, easy to use, easily transportable, and usable in any situation. It allows players to change the weight of their cue in seconds, achieving a level of precision and customization never seen before.

Variety of Carbon Shafts: Becue offers a multitude of shafts and carbon products, each with different mechanical characteristics, to adapt and match the needs of the individual player. This allows players to choose based on their skills and expectations of the game.

Unique Design: Becue's products are not only highly innovative and technological but also have a unique and inimitable design. They represent the quality of made in Italy at first glance. All the airbrushes, from the cues on the website catalog to the custom ones, are made entirely by hand by a professional airbrush painter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Becue cues made?

Becue cues are made in Italy. The company prides itself on its Italian craftsmanship, which is evident in the quality and design of their products. Each cue is meticulously crafted, with every detail carefully considered to ensure the highest level of performance.

Are Carbon Fiber cues good?

Yes, Carbon Fiber cues are excellent for several reasons. They are known for their durability, consistency, and performance. Carbon Fiber cues, like those made by Becue, are resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, which means they maintain their shape and performance over time. Additionally, Carbon Fiber cues offer a very low deflection, ensuring a consistent transfer of energy during shots. This makes them a popular choice among professional and amateur players alike.

How does the Leonardo Balance System (LBS) in Becue cues enhance gameplay?

The Leonardo Balance System (LBS) is a unique feature of Becue cues that allows players to quickly and intuitively adjust the weight of their cue. This system enables players to adapt their cue to different playing conditions or personal preferences, offering a level of customization that can enhance gameplay. The LBS system is designed to be easy to use, transportable, and applicable in any situation, making it a valuable feature for any player.