Jacoby Custom Cues

Jacoby Custom Cues, Inc. was formed in 1982 as Dave's Cue Service. David and his son, Shane, started doing repairs in the basement of their home. When they were ready for more challenges, they ventured on to tackle the task of creating their first cue. They put their talents and imaginations to work aided by other great cue makers and earned themselves membership in the American Cue Maker's Association. For those who value excellence, they created the finest handcrafted masterpieces, and Jacoby Custom Cues started to grow. Shane went in the Army in 1986 and then to college for industrial engineering. Dave's other son, Brandon, took over at this point. In 1992 they built a shop and moved out of the basement. It didn't take long for Jacoby Custom Cues to grow even more, to keep up with the demand of their fine cues they moved once again. 

Now, Jacoby Custom Cues is located in the downtown of Nekoosa, Wisconsin.  All of the work, from start to finish, takes place in Nekoosa, WI U.S.A. While Brandon runs and operates all of the shop and cue making duties, Dave can be found at most major pool tournaments and cue shows throughout the United States displaying cues and keeping a close eye on what the player's wants and needs are. Until 2013 Dave was the President of the American Cue makers Association, which works to promote the American made cue.  He held this position for six years and in 2013 stepped down. This move has allowed Dave to continue to enjoy local pool leagues, traveling to to see dealers around the country and enjoying a little extra time at his cabin.

Jacoby Cues

This cue is perfect for those just starting in the pool game. It has a basic design, so you can focus on your shots without worrying about your cue. The cue is also very affordable, so you don't have to break the bank to get started. So, if you are looking for a cue that is both affordable and easy to use, then Jacoby cues are perfect for you.

Is Jacoby a Good Pool Cue?

There is no definitive answer to this question. However, the cue is an excellent option for those just starting and who want an affordable cue with a basic design. The cue also has a lot of positive reviews online, so it seems that many people enjoy using it.

Generally, the Jacoby Cue is worth investing in if you start in the pool and want an affordable cue with a basic design. Everyone is different, and so are their preferences, so it is hard to recommend a one-size-fits-all cue. With that said, the Jacoby Cue might be the perfect fit for you.

Where are Jacoby Cues Made?

There are many different places that Jacoby cues can be made. However, the company is based in the United States, so all their cues are made in the USA. However, that does not mean that you cannot access them if you live outside of the country. The company ships internationally, so you can order a cue no matter where you live.

The Jacoby Pool Cues are made in the USA and are available for international shipping. They are also available in local retail stores to purchase in person. As mentioned earlier, their price point is lovely for those starting in the pool game, so it might be an excellent cue to invest in.

How Can You Identify a Jacoby Cue?

Identifying a Jacoby Cue can be tricky, as the company does not use a lot of branding on its cues. There are a few ways that you can identify a Jacoby cue. Below are some tips to help you identify the cue;

  • Look for the Jacoby logo on the butt of the cue.
  • Check the stamp on the shaft of the cue. The stamp will usually say "Jacoby" and list the model number and year of manufacture. If you are not sure if Jacoby makes a cue, you can contact the company to verify.

You should not confuse Jacoby cues with other brands made in the USA. Always double-check the stamp on the shaft to ensure that you are getting what you expect. It is always best to be sure rather than making an assumption. Remember eyes can lie sometimes, so double-check.

Order Your Jacoby Cue Today

Are you interested in pool games and wondering what cue to go for? If so, then the Jacoby pool cues are a great option. It is affordable and has a basic design that makes it perfect for those just starting. Additionally, as mentioned above, the cue has many positive reviews online to make a good decision. Order your Jacoby cue today and start playing like a pro.