Pechauer Shafts

Features of Pechauer Shafts

Pechauer Shafts are a line of high-performance pool cue shafts made by Pechauer Cues, a well-known and respected brand in the billiards industry. These shafts are designed to provide players with a high level of control, accuracy, and consistency, as well as a great feel and hit. Pechauer offers a variety of shaft models to suit different playing styles and preferences, including the JP Series, which are known for their low deflection and great accuracy, and the ROGUE Carbon Fiber Shaft, which is designed to be extremely lightweight and provide a high level of control. All Pechauer shafts are made with the highest quality materials and are backed by a lifetime warranty against warpage.

Rogue Carbon Fiber Shaft

The Pechauer Rogue Carbon Fiber Shaft is a high-performance cue shaft that is known for its unique characteristics. Some of the key features of this shaft include:

  • Carbon Fiber Construction: The shaft is made from 100% carbon fiber, which is a lightweight and durable material. This construction gives the shaft a stiffer and more consistent feel, as well as a more consistent hit.
  • Reduced Taper: The Rogue Carbon Fiber Shaft features a reduced taper design, which results in a straighter and more consistent deflection. This design also allows for more precise aiming and increased control.
  • Low Deflection: The carbon fiber construction and reduced taper design help to reduce cue ball deflection, which allows for more accurate shots.
  • Increased Spin: The shaft's design allows for increased spin on the cue ball, which can lead to more precise shot-making.
  • Lightweight: Carbon Fiber is a lightweight material, so this shaft is lightweight which can reduce player fatigue during long sessions.
  • Lifetime warranty against warping: The Pechauer Rogue Carbon Fiber Shaft comes with a lifetime warranty against warping, which means that if it ever warps, Pechauer will replace it free of charge.

Black Ice Break Shaft

The Pechauer Black Ice Shaft is made from a solid piece of hard rock maple, which is known for its durability and consistent performance. It features a unique dying process that infuses jet black dye into the pores of the wood, giving it a dark gray color. The dye penetrates the entire shaft, and due to the density of the hard rock maple the finish is not uniform and it may have some white lines, which are not defects but the natural character of the wood.

It utilizes Infused Chemical Engineering (ICE) Technology, which infuses chemicals into the cells of the wood, changing its structure for added density and a smooth, glass-like feel. This multi-step process increases the velocity of the shaft and decreases friction, and it is a permanent treatment that penetrates the entire shaft. The average weight of 6.4 oz is approximately 2 ounces more than a standard shaft, which results in a weight-forward balance delivery. This means more power with less effort for a maximum break and can help make any cue a break cue.