OB Shafts

OB Cues in Plano, Texas is a company that specializes in pool cue and shaft technology and design. They use a combination of design and materials to create shafts with low cue ball deflection, which is achieved through reduced tip end mass. Their 4+ shaft blank construction method is state-of-the-art and is said to be the most efficient way to build a pool cue shaft and comes with an industry leading lifetime warranty against warpage. The performance of a pool cue can be broken down into two categories: things that can be easily seen, like cue ball deflection and spin, and things that can only be felt, like the hit and vibration. OB Cues claim that their plus shafts offer the best combination of feel, accuracy, consistency and spin, which leads to a stronger feeling of confidence and ultimately more wins.

The features of an OB Cue Shaft include:

  • Extremely low cue ball deflection achieved through reduced tip end mass
  • Combination of advanced design and materials used in the shaft construction
  • OB-1+, OB-2+ and OB-XL+ shafts feature laminated maple ferrule and low mass materials at the tip end
  • OB Classic+, OB Pro+ and OB-XL Classic+ shafts use a short, thin wall white linen melamine ferrule with low mass materials on the inside front of the shaft
  • 4+ shaft blank construction method is state-of-the-art and unique to OB Cues
  • Resulting in an extremely stable shaft blank with industry-leading lifetime warranty against warpage.