Cuetec Shafts

What Makes Cuetec Shafts different from the competition?

Cuetec cue shafts are designed and engineered with advanced technologies that provide improved performance and accuracy on the pool table.


 Here are a few key features and technologies that are used in the design and construction of Cuetec Cynergy cue shafts:

The Cuetec Cynergy carbon composite shafts are the epitome of precision and performance, designed to take your game to the next level. Constructed with the use of multi-plies of military-grade, resin-impregnated, unidirectional carbon fiber filaments that are each only 7 um(0.007 mm) in diameter, or about one-twelfth of a human hair, these shafts are engineered to be ultra-strong and perfectly straight, providing unmatched accuracy and durability.

At the core of each Cynergy shaft lies a proprietary ultra-high-density polyurethane foam core, a technology that not only adds stability to the shaft but also provides an unparalleled wood-like sound and feel upon contact, giving you a more satisfying and immersive playing experience. The Flyweight Front-End Construction, reduces the weight at the front of the shaft, resulting in less deflection and improved accuracy.

The Cynergy shafts are precision-engineered with unique tapers that are designed to provide the most comfortable playing experience. The Cynergy 12.5 and 11.8 feature super straight tapers with virtually zero rise, allowing for a more level and precise stroke, regardless of the player’s stroke length. The Cynergy 10.5, on the other hand, boasts a hybrid-conical taper, providing increased stiffness and power, making it the ultimate multi-disciplinary shaft for games including Snooker and Chinese 8-Ball.

The Cynergy shafts are equipped with a Thin White Sighting Ferrule that is only .25 inches long, it not only aids in aim contrast and depth perception but also provides a more familiar and stable platform for tip maintenance and replacement over the life of the shaft. The shafts are topped off with a Tiger® Sniper Tip, selected for its high-performance and neutral hit attributes, which are naturally cured for more than a year and meticulously honed utilizing a unique vacuum lamination process that ensures the elimination of air between the tip’s ten layers, providing the ultimate playing experience.

All of these features and technologies work together to provide a high-performance, accurate and consistent hit on the pool table. They are designed to be durable and long-lasting, making them a great investment for any serious pool player.


The Cuetec AVID shaft – the ultimate choice for discerning players looking to take their game to the next level. Constructed with multi-ply glass composite bonded to A-grade kiln-dried hard maple, our patent-pending construction process not only strengthens the shaft, but also increases its dynamic stiffness while maintaining the feel and feedback players need to excel. The .75mm glass composite layers run the entire length of the shaft and are oriented to maximize performance and durability, resulting in a shaft that feels like wood but with the longevity and warp resistance of a composite.

In addition to its ultra-strong glass composite wood bonding construction, every AVID shaft features Cuetec's Air Light front-end build, which allows the shaft to be bored out more than 10 inches, creating an ultra-rigid cavity with far less mass for maximum accuracy and durability. The AVID shaft also features a lightweight, thin white sighting ferrule that aids in aim contrast and depth perception, as well as a Laminated Tiger® Everest tip, selected for its consistency and neutral hit attributes.

But that's not all – the AVID shaft also comes in the player's choice of 11.75mm or 12.75mm low-deflection glass-bonded options and is compatible with Cuetec's Acueweight Generation II system for even greater customization. Plus, it's engineered to work with Cuetec's upcoming DUO Smart Extension set for even more versatility.