Cuetec 12mm SST Pool Cue Shaft w/ Thin Joint Ring 13-99367

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  • S.S.T. Shaft with Fiberglass Bonded to Maple
  • Tru-Glide Finish
  • Thin Joint Ring
  • Finished with a Tiger Everest Tip and Polycarbonate Ferrule
  • 3/8″ x 14″ Joint Pin
  • Black Implex Joint Collar
  • 1/16” Thick (Thin) Chrome Trim Ring
  • Will Fit most Cuetec Two Piece Cues

Need to replace your shaft or just want a back-up? The Cuetec shaft is available separately and will fit most any Cuetec two piece cues. They feature a Tiger Everest ten layer Pigskin tip with a red replacement indicator layer, Polycarbonate ferrule for impact absorption, Super Slim Taper (S.S.T.) shaft featuring a 15 ½” pro taper and Tru-Glide finish for an ultra-smooth comfortable stroke. Clear fiberglass is bonded to Grade A North American Maple for warp, dent, ding, and scratch resistance. Black implex collar with the 1/16″ thick chrome trim ring to match the trim ring on the Cuetec Cue you already have.