Pool Gloves

Ensure a smooth stroke with a billiards glove!

Pool Gloves

Are you ready to take your game up a notch? Pool is more than just having the right technique. Sometimes, the right tools can make the difference between an accurate shot and an errant one. Pool gloves help you maintain more control over the cue and prevent sweaty bridge from ruining your motion.

Are Billiard Gloves Worth it?

The benefits of pool gloves include: 

  • Preventing friction on your bridge. Friction prevents a smooth motion on your shot.
  • Combating the effects of a sweaty bridge when you’re playing a long match.
  • Protect against humidity that might make you sweat even more.
  • Allow for a smoother shot.
  • Give you more control over your shot and keeps your shaft clean and smooth

 The point of billiards is to win, and pool gloves can give you an advantage.

What Styles of Billiard Gloves Are There?

There are four main types: 

Three-fingered is the most common type. Your ring and pinky fingers remain out of the glove, while your thumb and bridge fingers stay covered. The extra two fingers allow your fingers to get a little air in them while you still maintain control with the bridge. 

Two-fingered, which is slightly misleading. Two-fingered gloves are really three-fingered gloves, but the middle finger has less material on it and a bare spot towards the top. 

Full-handed gloves are made of stretchy fabric. The main disadvantage of a full-fingered glove is that you may not have a feel for the table or the cue while you line up your shot. 

Fingerless gloves lack fabric at the tips of the gloves so you can feel the pool table as you align your shot. Otherwise, these are just like three-fingered gloves.

What Makes a Good Pool Glove?

When picking out pool shooting gloves, look for the following: 

  • Custom billiard gloves are the best option if you are serious about your game.
  • Three-finger pool shooter gloves to combine flexibility and maneuverability.
  • Sturdy yet soft and stretchy fabric that allows the pool cue to glide easily and effortlessly.
  • Black color for easier cleaning.
  • Anti-slip pad for extra protection.
  • One that fits your hand perfectly. 

If you’re investing in this kind of equipment for your billiards game, you may as well find the best billiard gloves for your style. Think about Cuetec’s Axis Billiard Gloves for a comfortable, breathable fit that’s made of ultra-smooth mesh.

How Do You Wear Pool Gloves?

Store your pool gloves in a cool, dry place away from other clothes.

When it’s time to put on a glove, pull it until it fits snugly.

Fasten the strap, if it has one. Don’t pull the strap too tight!

Make sure your fingers still have a full range of motion.

Change out your glove if your hand inside becomes too sweaty during your match.

How Do I Pick Out the Best Pool Gloves for Me?

Find ones that fit your hand well and from a reputable manufacturer. Pool gloves also come in various sizes that fit men and women. 

Invest in a quality glove if you’re serious about your game.