Kid's Billiard/Pool Cues

Hoping your child will be the next SVB or Jennifer Beretta?  Help them get a head start with a shorter cue, specifically meant for youngsters.  Or, you can always put one in your bag for those shots where you're up against a wall!

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Which Pool Cue is Best For Your Child?

There are a few different factors to consider when purchasing a pool cue for a child. The most important consideration is the weight and size of the cue. A child's arm and hand muscles are not yet fully developed, so they need a cue that is light enough for them to handle properly. 

What Length Should a Child’s Pool Cue Be?

Another important consideration is the length of the cue. You'll want to purchase a pool cue that is between 36 and 42 inches in length. This will give them the best reach and control while playing. Additionally, it is important to find a cue with a smaller diameter so that they can more easily grip it with their hand. A cue that is too thick or too long can be cumbersome and difficult for a child to use. It should be long enough for the child to reach all of the balls on the table, but not too long or bulky that it becomes difficult for them to maneuver.

What Is the best Material for a child Cue Stick?

The best option for a beginner pool player is a cues made from fiberglass or graphite. These materials are light and durable, making them perfect for children. There are also many different designs and colors available, so in terms of brands, some of the most popular options include McDermott, Viking, and Players. All three brands offer cues in a variety of weights and lengths, as well as with different levels of stiffness and softness in the tip.