Schmelke Cues

The Schmelke family has been in business of making custom pool & billiard cues for over 50 years in Northwest Wisconsin and operating a Pool & Billiard supply store. The Schmelke business is now in the third generation of custom cuemakers.

Is Schmelke a Good Pool Cue?

If you’re looking for standard or customized billiard pool cues, the models built and sold at Schmelke are some of the best available on the market.

Where are Schmelke Pool Cues Made?

When it comes to quality and exceptional value, Schmelke pool cues are in a league of their own. What’s more, they are expertly built and manufactured in a facility located in the rolling hills of Northern Wisconsin, USA. Having been in business for over 40 years, the Schmelke family –– now in their third generation of pool cue makers –– sells billiards supply goods and accessories, in addition to custom cues, throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. 

In the 1940s, the Schmelke brothers, Duard and Richard, who both loved to play billiards, recognized the need for quality pool cues within the local Minneapolis–St. Paul area. With that, they took it upon themselves to craft customized cues from inside a tiny makeshift shop behind the family home. The business took on an extra hand in 1969 following the birth of Duard’s son, Jim, who joined his father in the making of cues and additional billiards accessories. And the name lives on to this day. 

How To Identify a Schmelke Pool Cue

Crafted from some of the finest and most exotic hardwoods on the market, including shedua, bocote, maple, ebony, and East Indian rosewood, Schmelke cues are top of the line and retain their value over years, even with extensive use. And because they are American-made without any import influence or third-party contribution, Schmelke cues offer players an overall superior, quality product. 

Schmelke cues are assembled using high-quality parts, like elk-master tips, linen melamine ferrules, and custom-designed joints. Schmelke then uses a special UV finish to protect each cue, guaranteeing a smooth finish that lasts. The commitment to quality is above-standard, with each cue being inspected for straightness up to five times during production –– this dedication to craftmanship is easy to recognize and likely proves why Schmelke has been in business as long as it has.