Developing Inner Fortitude

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Steven Brownstone lays out thoughts on how to develop inner courage (abolishing all fear) during your pool game to overcome self-imposed adversity...  Unbolded text are comments of Billiards King.

    1. The more challenging the layout of the balls, the harder you should push to stay concentrated and focused.  Ever notice how you can run a few balls in a row, but you miss the easiest shots to win?
    2. Stroke each shot with a renewed passion.  Don't get lazy because you've got the game in the bag!  Focus on each shot just as much as the others.
    3. When you push hard, your inner fortitude will strengthen you.  Have you ever surprised yourself and made a shot you didn't think you were capable of?  Remember that you ARE capable, and overcome that inner adversity.
    4. Have No Fear in Your Game, Fear will hold you back.  When you feel scared, you play scared.
    5. Fear pushes you in the opposite direction of your goal  Playing scared ruins your game.  Be confident in your offensive (and defensive) game!
    6. Having no fear and remaining focused will allow you to stroke smoothly.  Stay focused on your shot.  Don't be distracted by your own inner fears (or outside distractions).
    7. Faith in a yourself will transition you to become a fearless, focused shotmaker.  When you walk up to the pool table with confidence, it shows in your game.  We're not saying to be conceited, but be confident in your abilities (there's a difference!)
    8. Challenges bring possibilities that are opportunities.  Sometimes you get an opponent that just won't leave you a shot.  Could there be another opportunity you don't initially see (safety, bank shot, etc.) that can help turn the tides?
    9. Faith, inner fortitude and becoming fearless will move you in the right direction.  
    10. Inner Fortitude is strengthened by having confidence in yourself and being fearless

S Brownstone, Quantico, Virginia – March 16, 2017

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