Dufferin Cues

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The Dufferin® Guarantee

All Dufferin® cues are made from carefully selected Canadian Hard Rock Maple. Because of our reputation for legendary quality, all Dufferin® cues are backed by a one (1) year guarantee against manufacturers defects. The warranty period extends for one (1) year from the original date of purchase and is non-transferable. Claims made after one year or claims that are not accompanied by the original receipt are subject to manufacturer approval. This warranty excludes warpage and damage due to wear, by a third party, or resulting from abuse or mishandling. To obtain warranty service on your cue, please call us toll free at: 1-800-835-7665.

Dufferin Frequently Asked Questions:

For any billiards player, a high-quality, top-performance pool cue is vital when getting the most out of your game-playing experience. There are several factors to consider when searching for the right pool cue. Here is a breakdown of how Dufferin is a trusted and true manufacturer of great pool cues for those looking for a great and affordable option. 

Is Dufferin a Good Pool Cue?

Dufferin Billiards has been making quality pool cues since 1967. With a dedicated focus on materials, craftsmanship, and value, Dufferin pool cues are some of the most reliable and sought-after tools in the business. Durable, high-performing and perfectly balanced, Dufferin cues combine high-grade materials with engineering to create a line of models –– from elaborate works of art to standard, performance-based custom cues for billiards and snooker –– suitable for every player, at every level of proficiency.

Where are Dufferin Pool Cues Made?

Featuring some of the highest grades of hardwoods available, Dufferin cues measure high quality as the standard, with a vast selection of models in various sizes, and featuring intricate detailing and expert composition. Many custom cues consist of exotic materials like angico, cocobolo, purpleheart, ramin, morado, and fiddle back maple. Dufferin has been a proudly Canadian-owned and operated business for over 50 years.

How to Identify a Dufferin Pool Cue

Dufferin pool cues have been doing it for so long, that they often end up putting their own stamp on tools and materials used in all of their lines. For example, the Dufferin Signature joint is a polished aluminum joint (with a density similar to wood), that features in many of their two-piece cues. The smooth screw-in process is seamless and provides precise alignment. While some Dufferin cues use the Uni-Loc® joint which features a patented, quick-release joint that offers a sturdy feel when gripping that allows adaptation of other high-tech shafts to a Dufferin Cue while aligning the butt with the shaft for equal pressure. Revolutionary by design, it's the only one-turn, quick-release on the market for the most precise alignment. Also revolutionary is Dufferin’s use of the Icebreaker® phenolic / leather cue tip, a technologically advanced tip that provides expert precision on many of the brand’s popular jump cues and break cues. 

What’s more: all Dufferin pool cues are naturally weighted, providing the utmost in unparalleled stick handling, control and balance. As a brand, Dufferin prides itself on using the natural touch –– no artificial weighing procedures here. Every Dufferin pool cue is 100% solid hardwood, while some feature a weight-bolt system that allows the fine-tuning from a standard 19-ounces to a more solid, weightier configuration. Dufferin also kiln dries their pool cues to achieve the highest quality results, providing stock at a moisture content of 6.5%