Meucci BMC Glass Rose Black Pool Cue Stick

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The new BMC Glass Rose-Black by Bob Meucci is a Power Piston design.
Starting at the Butt Sleeve we have an all new progressive concept in depth design. This new Rose consists of two different colors of Paua Shell. The leaves are also Paua Shell. The connecting vine is solid brass.
There are Paua Shell rings above and below the Rose bordered by brass rings. This new Rose is on both sides of the butt sleeve.
This Butt carries the much sought-after BMC Logo which guarantees you a truly custom cue that we are able to tune to your personal sight picture.
The Forearm of the the Rose consists of a brass vine protuding from the wrap with multiple Paua Shell leaves and a red mirrored rose bud to complete the design. This design is on both sides of the forearm.
The shaft and butt joint are wrapped with a ring consisting of 24 separate pieces of Paua Shell to complete this glass design.
This cue is wrapped with a Cream Irish Linen wrap.
It comes with one of our famous Black Dot Bullseye Shafts and has our Everlock interchangeable weight system from 18-20oz.

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