Meucci 21st Century 1 21-1 Pool Cue Stick

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Meucci 21 Century 1 21-1 Cue


The New Meucci 21st Century Cue #1 is the first in an exciting new lineup for 2008.
This cue is uniquely designed with a king's crown effect in four places on the butt, the joint, and just above the wrap in an imitation ivory tone material.
It has Six black points in the forearm, with a unique scrimshaw on each point, all set in a birdseye-forearm. In the butt sleeve there are also six unique scrimshaw designs to further set off the king's crown. Tasteful red, aluminum, and white rings complete the design of this beautiful cue.
The Meucci Century-1 comes with one of Meucci's unsurpassed 35-layer low-deflection Black Dot Bullseye laminated shafts. The Meucci shaft standard is 12.75mm. 
The wrap is a Urethane Coated Black Irish Linen. It comes with the Everlock adjustable weight bolt system.

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