Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog 2 Jump Pool Cue Stick LHAH2

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The Air Hog 2 is a must-have for every serious pool player. Featuring breakthrough technology that makes even the hardest jump shots seem effortless, and a great value price, this game-changing dynamo is unstoppable.

  • Three fully-interchangeable pieces connected by Quick-Release Uni-loc® Joints
  • 13.75mm Bakelite tip with S4 Super Sized Sweet Spot for effortless jumps & greater ball control
  • Virtually indestructible Carbon Fiber Ferrule & Joint Collar for powerful jumps
  • Air G5 Grip with X-Shox™ Dampening Technology
  • 11 1 4Short Jump Extension with Ergonomic Flare for Greater Control
  • 11 1 2Interchangeable Long Jump Extension
  • Adjustable weight bolt setup ranging from 0.5 to 3.5 ounces, so you can customize your cue’s performance

      Get A Competitive Edge With Lucasi Hybrid Technology

      We know how important your game is to you, and that’s why Lucasi has engineered our Hybrid cue line with superior performance in mind. We’ve taken the best that a Lucasi Cue has to offer - and added a supercharged shaft and host of other performance-enhancing features so you can have your best game ever.

      These cutting-edge technologies bring you more accuracy, greater ball control, a more solid hit with less vibration, reduced cue ball deflection, a smoother stroke and an increased level of comfort - all in one package.

      Lucasi Hybrid Technology Features

      • G5 Grip Technology - This distinctive traction pattern provides unprecedented stability and ball control. This allows for more stable shot, translating to the ability to apply controlled “English” on the ball.
      • X-Shox Dampening System - The patent-pending shock-absorbing memory foam integrated into the wrap gives a Hybrid cue significantly less impact shock, reducing vibration by more than 27% over a standard cue so even your most powerful shot remains easy on the arm.

      Lucasi Hybrid cues aren’t just technology powerhouses - they’re built to last! Just like our Lucasi Custom cues, Hybrid cues feature a variety of styles - from sleek and simple designs that let the beauty of a gorgeous piece of wood shine through to traditional style cues with intricate inlays and beautiful exotic wraps, to sporty designs and edgy details like metal inlays.

      Lucasi Hybrid Cue Features

      • Precise fitting quick-release Uni-loc® joint for superior shaft alignment and a solid hit
      • Carbon fiber joint collars
      • G5 Grip, double pressed Irish linen, one-piece leather, stacked leather, and wrapless models available
      • Cue Type
         Jump Cue
      • Joint Type
         Uni-Loc Quick Release
      • Cue Tip
         13.75mm Bakelite
      • Ferrule
         Carbon Fiber
      • Shaft Diameter
         13.75 mm
      • Shaft
         TSC 8-Piece Radial Shaft
      • Joint Collar
         Carbon Fiber
      • Cue Wrap
         Air G5 Grip
      • Wood Type
      • Butt Cap
         Black Implex
      • Bumper
         Black Rubber
      • Warranty
         Lucasi Lifetime Guarantee

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