Lucasi Custom LZC39 Pool Cue Stick

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This classically-styled Lucasi Custom cue features a mystic black forearm and butt with six-point Cocobolo & Bocote inlay points bordered by imitation bone, Cocobolo, Bocote stacked rings, premium stacked leather wrap, slim Implex butt cap, quick-release Uni-loc® joint, and Zero Flexpoint® Solid Core Low Deflection Technology Shaft. 

  • Quick-Release Uni-loc® joint
  • Zero Flexpoint® Solid Core Low Deflection technology shaft with professional taper 
  • Premium Tiger Everest tip for superior ball control
  • Premium stacked leather wrap gives a thin slip-free grip for stability without sacrificing feel
  • 4-piece cue butt construction for a solid hit and increased durability

        Lucasi Custom: The Brand That Started It All

        Lucasi was Cue & Cases’ first cue brand, and 20+ years later it’s still going strong. Founder Jim Lucas created Lucasi as a line of cues affordable enough for non-professional players, but high quality enough to last for generations, and that is precisely what Lucasi Custom continues to bring. Some of our oldest cues have now become well loved by multiple generations, and we continue to produce great quality cues with traditional styling year after year.

        We have cues ranging from the very traditional four-prong style to sleek and simple designs that let the beauty of the wood shine through, to modern classics with intricate inlays and beautiful exotic leather wraps.

        Lucasi Custom Cue Features

        • Precise fitting quick-release Uni-loc® joint for superior shaft alignment and a solid hit
        • Implex joint collars
        • Laser cut inlays with intricate, precision cuts for a tight fit with zero gaps
        • Zero Flexpoint® Solid Core Low Deflection Technology Shaft that hits like a classic cue with the benefit of performance-enhancing technology
        • Additional technology shaft upgrades available
        • Classic solid Maple shaft available
        • Stacked leather wrap


        Zero Flexpoint® Solid Core Low Deflection Technology Shaft Features

        • Zero Flexpoint® low deflection ferrule for dead on accuracy - with a solid hit and positive feedback (no ticking sound!)
        • Solid core low deflection shaft for almost zero cue ball deflection even when applying extreme English
        • 12.75mm Everest laminated tip - shapes like a hard tip, hits like a medium and has the control of a soft
        • Professional taper
        • Cue Type
           Playing Cue
        • Joint Type
        • Cue Tip
           Premium Everest Tip
        • Ferrule
           Carbon Fiber Impact System
        • Shaft Diameter
        • Shaft
           Zero Flexpoint Low Deflection
        • Joint Collar
        • Cue Wrap
           Premium Stacked Leather Wrap
        • Wood Type
           Mystic Black Maple
        • Butt Cap
           Black Implex
        • Bumper
           Black Rubber
        • Warranty
           Lucasi Lifetime Guarantee
        • Weight Options
           18 oz, 19 oz, 20 oz, 21 oz

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