Cuetec Smart Extension - Scratch 'n Dent

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Cuetec's Smart Extension is an affordable way to add length and thickness to your cue. This extension is made of high-quality wood and has a chrome-plated steel joint. It's available in both 18-inch and 36-inch lengths, and it's perfect for anyone looking for an extra edge on the table.

  • However, due to the nature of manufacturing, some units may have minor cosmetic damage, such as chips or dents. We've discounted these products heavily so you can still get the benefits of using a Cuetec Smart Extension without breaking the bank.
  • Works exclusively with any Cuetec weight adjustable model. Quickly and easily adds 6″ to the overall length of the cue. Simply unscrew existing butt cap with bumper as if adjusting the weight. Screw in the Cuetec Smart Extension. Leave as is or swap back and forth as needed. Useful for making those hard to reach shots without a bridge. Conveniently fits in most cue case accessory pouches
  • Does not work with AVID cues.
  • Does not fit AVID cues, SVB Gen II cues or SVB Ghost Playing Edition.  Please see the Cuetec Duo Extension for those cues.

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