Cue View 360 Launches!

Cue View 360 Launches!

Introducing Cue View 360SM

Today, we’re unveiling an exclusive, revolutionary (pun intended) new feature to our site – Cue View 360.

What is Cue View 360?  Why create it?  What benefits does it provide?  Read along!

Your Cue Purchase is an Investment

Buying a cue is a multi-year investment, whether it’s your first, budget cue or your 15th, limited edition cue.

Think about that – you’re browsing online for a cue that fits your style, but you don’t know what it looks like.  You can see every angle of a car, the back and front of a t-shirt, and even use augmented reality to see what that new couch will look like in your living room, but you can’t see the entire cue you’re about to buy!  The minute details, the craftsmanship, the grains of wood, the glimmer of the inlays – all of them are lost in a flat, static image that may have even been photoshopped.  In most cases, you can’t even go to a local shop to see the cue firsthand.  There are thousands of cues out there and it would be impossible for a local billiards shop to carry each and every one.

You do your research, look at reviews, ask friends, and ultimately make your decision.  You anxiously await its arrival.  Maybe you even take the day off from work to be able to enjoy it as soon as you get it.  The delivery person comes, you get the package, and with anticipation, you carefully open it up.  Will it live up to your expectations?  Will you be elated or disappointed?

We’re here to help with that uncertainty.  We’ve got every angle covered, literally.

Cue View 360 is a Billiards King exclusive feature that allows you to view cues while they rotate.

View the Whole Cue

For instance, let’s take a look at the patriotic, American made Viking B5601 (previously known as A561).

What a beautiful cue!  But what does the back look like?  Is that collar ring part of the shaft or butt?

Let’s find out… Hit play!

See the Intricacies

Now we know what the whole cue looks like, and what you can expect when you see it in your hands.

But what about the fine details and hard work that go into these handmade cues?  The Viking B9401 (formerly known as the A941) has a lot of intricate lines. 

Want to see them up close?  You could zoom in on the picture as much as you can, but only so much.  With our pan & zoom spinning cue videos (available with select cues), recorded in 4K Ultra HD, you can see the meticulous precision put into these cues.

Does Your Cue Shine as Much as Your Game?

If pictures are worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?  How do you describe the inlays on the B5301 (previously A531)?  Shiny?  Mirror-like?  A pearl-like sheen?

Stop struggling for adjectives and watch:

Appreciate the Craftsmanship

It takes countless hours to create a cue.  From the initial design, the selection of inlays, and the sanding of the wood to the final protective coating, making a cue is a craft unlike any other.  Each cue is unique, from the randomness of the specks in the Irish Linen wrap to the curvature of the wood grain.  Find a heightened appreciation for the skilled artisans that created your weapon of choice, and make your search for a new cue exciting again.

What About Other Manufacturers?

We’ve gone through way too many lights, cameras, settings, adjustments, revisions, video editing lessons, and months to make this feature available.  Right now, we have a selection of Viking cues and their Valhalla line available for you to view, with other brands that we carry coming soon.  Our goal is to record every single model of cue we sell while it’s rotating to make your search for a new pool stick easier.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see new cue videos as they are released.

UPDATE:  As of November 2021, we have over 500 cues from more than 10 manufacturers available to view in 360 degrees!

A Final Note

Please keep in mind that we do our absolute best to make sure that what you see on video is exactly what the artists intended you to see in person, but we do not have control over the proper reproduction of color on your monitor/screen.  It might be a bit brighter or a bit darker in person, and the lighting may make a difference. 

‘Basic’ cues, such as those that are stained one color, or only have a wrap, may not have the zoom video available.

Where there is additional work on a shaft (such as inlays or graphics), it will be included in the video.  Shafts with black collars, silver rings, or a checkered ring will not be recorded on video as they are static.

We hope you enjoy this new feature!