Cue Cases

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Pool Cue Cases

You’ll need a pool cue case as part of your pool equipment if you’re serious about taking your game to another level. Just like pool cues, you have plenty of options when it comes to the size, shape, and style of pool cue cases. 

Find one that fits your style and protects your items. Read on to find out more.

Why do I need a pool cue case?

Your pool cues represent a hefty investment in your game. Protect your investment with the right pool stick case for your tool. The best ones are hard cases instead of soft ones because you want maximum protection for when you travel.

What's the difference between a hard and soft pool cue case?

The main difference is how you retrieve your items out of the pool stick case. Of course, soft cases are softer to the touch. A hard case has an opening on top to get your cue stick out. A soft case has a zipper for you to unzip before grabbing your cue.

Should I Buy a Hard Pool Stick Case or a Soft One?

It depends on how often you travel, how many tournaments you play in, and how much you practice. In general, hard cases are better for protection from damage and from the elements. Soft cases are great if you want to retrieve your pool cues quickly.

How Should I Store a Pool Stick in a Case?

Always store your pool cue in its case, and stand the case upright to help prevent warpage. Do not keep the cue and case near extreme temperatures, especially in a hot or cold vehicle. And don’t lay anything on top of the pool cue case, even a hard one, to prevent long-term damage such as warping.

Where Should I Store My Pool Cues?

The best place to store it is in a hard pool stick case. Don’t stack anything on the case. Put in a cool, dry place off of the floor. Stand the case upright.

What Are the Best Pool Cue Cases Made Of?

Hard pool stick cases are made of some kind of durable plastic, like PVC or polypropylene. The inside has foam or rubber to protect the pool cue from shocks and damage.Soft varieties generally refer to leather pool cue cases.

What sizes do pool cue cases come in?

Look for these sizes, and pick out one that fits you best: