J. Pechauer Cues & Pool Sticks

Pechauer Custom Cues is truly a custom shop. Since virtually every part is made in our shop located in Green Bay, Wisconsin we have the capability to customize your cue in ways other cue makers cannot.

We start with hand-select Bird's-eye and Curly Maple logs cut on our own sawmill and dried in a specialized kiln to preserve the whiteness of the wood.  Exotic woods are also used in many cases.  Precision parts and components are hand-crafted and machined in-house to assure quality control throughout the process.  Inlays are meticulously fit to the cue before each custom cue is hand-signed and flawlessly finished.

Custom designs are also encouraged.  Joe Pechauer enjoys nothing more than making someone's dream cue a reality.  With over 40 years of cue making expertise our boundaries are expansive when it comes to creating a one of a kind heirloom to be treasured for decades.

Pechauer Cues

Look no further than American-made Pechauer custom cues, crafted expertly in Wisconsin since 1961. Over the decades, many prominent billiard professionals have come to rely on Pechauer pool cues for their solid performance.

Is Pechauer a Good Pool Cue?

Yes, they are widely considered some of the best pool cues in the world, endorsed by many professional players. 

Most notable of these professionals is Paul Gerni, 22-time world trick shot champion (which he won all consecutively, a feat likely never to be broken).

 LIke Gerni, Pechauer believes in hard work to create a top-level product and performance.

How To Identify a Pechauer Cue?

Every Pechauer cue has a distinctive cursive J. Pechauer logo on them. If you’re lucky, you can purchase a model hand-signed by the legend J. Pechauer himself, a 2021 inductee into the cuemakers hall of fame.

What Types of Pechauer Pool Cues Are There?

Like most professional pool cue manufacturers, Pechauer makes the various types of pool cues you need for your game. 

Pechauer break cues combine superior density, a smooth feel, and increased velocity with solid break tips. Of course, it all comes down to the tapered shaft when you want the right break cue. All of Pechauer’s models give you the same high performance.

Contrarily, Pechauer jump cues have lighter-weight construction but new tip weight technology for more accurate performance. 

Pechauer custom cues are world-renowned. Each one is a work of art with beautiful inlays, maple wood construction, and highly detailed markings that connote ancient art infused into a first-class pool cue using state-of-the-art technology.

Pick Out a Pechauer

 No matter what Pechauer pool cue you select, each one delivers a fantastic performance. While the tools don’t define the artist, a dynamic, talented personality needs the right equipment to master their craft. For billiards enthusiasts and pros, a Pechauer pool cue is a necessary luxury to have in your arsenal. 

Check out our selection of Pechauer pool cues to elevate your game to the next level.