Cuetec Cues & Pool Sticks

Top performing cues for all players. Professionally endorsed by Champion player Shane Van Boening.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

To activate the Cuetec warranty, register the cue on our website within 60 days of purchase. Our limited lifetime warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the cue and is not transferable. The cue must be purchased through an authorized Cuetec dealer. Please do not make warranty claims directly to Cuetec or Imperial International, the agent for Cuetec in the United States. Warranty claims start with the dealer where the cue was purchased. In the unlikely event you discover a flaw in your cue, do not attempt to repair it. The dealer will contact Cuetec or Imperial International for a resolution.

Imperial International reserves the right to repair or replace the cue at their discretion. Cuetec Cues are warranted to be free from material and manufacturing defects. The warranty covers all manufacturer and material defects including warpage. True Cuetec Cue straightness is determined by sighting the cue as opposed to rolling it on a pool table. Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear items like, but not limited to, tips, ferrules, rubber bumpers, finish, and wraps or grips. The warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, or mishandling of the cue. It is void if the cue is modified or if improper maintenance is performed.

Are Cuetec Cues Good Quality Pool Sticks?

In fact, Cuetec Cues are excellent.

With their revolutionary design, developed together with top professionals, Cuetec Cues have been helping to win tournaments since 1989. 

What Sets Cuetec Cues apart?

Cuetec’s flawless design makes them instantly recognizable to the professional pool player, and they offer a wide range of cues and prices to suit every level of play.

Through innovative manufacturing technology, Cuetec offers increased quality and durability for your cue.

Cuetec has engineered the Acueweight Kit, which offers you the advantage of an interchangeable weight system.

With smart extension capability and their special true-glide finish, Cuetec cues are simply unique in the field.

A Cue For Every Player

Skilled players know the value of low deflection. Cuetec Avid Cues and Cynergy Shafts use glass bonding technology to offer consistently low deflection, stability and control while maintaining the high performance and perfect balance of feel and feedback you’ve come to expect.

And for that crucial break shot, the Cuetec Break Cue is one of the most technologically advanced sticks available. It rewards you with the ultimate in a solid power opening without compromising control.

With Cuetec Jump Cues players are treated to an effortless, dynamic jumping experience. While maintaining accuracy and eliminating unwanted side spin, our jump cues are excellent for both full-table and close proximity jumps.

Pool mastery demands the best, and Cuetec provides everything to take your game to the next level. We offer not only technological advancement in cues - but also accessories and cases developed to meet the needs of the discriminating player.

Cuetec Proline cases come in soft and hard designs, packed with features for the professional player.

Check Out The Cuetec reviews

Professional champions, online reviewers, lifelong players and first-time buyers all agree – Cuetec is a leader in the field.

“They make great products at very reasonable prices so I’m happy to endorse them” – US Open Champion Shane Van Boening.

“Cuetec has maintained an award-winning quality in the manufacture of its hardy but professional pool cues.” – Guys Play Pool

Thanks to their expansive range of cues, beginners and professionals alike will be sure to find something suitable for their needs.” - Bar Games 101

Been shooting pool for 30 years and this cue ranks up there with the $1000 sticks.” – Amazon review

This is my first personal cue, and I’m just in love with it.” – Amazon review

Where Are Cuetec Cues Manufactured?

Cuetec cues are made to exacting standards in China. Cuetec authorized dealers in the USA set the standard for service, and Cuetec is proudly distributed all around the world.

The Best Players Deserve The Best Cues

You need search no further. Cuetec offers an innovative, technologically advanced cue for every player.

The reviews, the technology and the players all agree. Cuetec cues are one of a kind.

Join the champions. Find the Cuetec cue that’s right for you.