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Pool Cues

Your pool cues are the most important tools you bring to the table (aside from your skills, of course). 

As such, your pool sticks should move effortlessly as you go through your entire shot.

Picking out the right cue is essential to success in terms of weight, sturdiness, rebound, and how it feels in your hand.

What weight for a pool cue is best?

Professional billiards players typically use pool cues weighing 19 ounces. Beginners might consider using the sameas they learn to control their shots. Youth players should probably go with 15-ounce cues.

Does a good pool cue matter?

Yes, for several reasons. 

Materials. Fiberglass or plastic cues are probably the worst types you can buy. Go with genuine wood cues, glass-bonded, or carbon fiber because they are sturdier, offer better control, and have a more solid shot while staying consistent from the first day you buy it until you replace it. 

More control. An outstanding pool stick remains consistent, no matter the playing conditions. This gives you better control over your shot from the break to the end. 

Perfect sizing. Human hands vary in size. You need the right shaft taper to fit your hands perfectly. 

The Tip. The type, density, and size of your tip matter a great deal. You could have the best shaft made of the top wood, but your shots could be ruined by a bad tip. Your entire pool stick should remain consistent for every shot.

What should I look for when buying a cue stick?

Solid construction made of wood. Don’t buy plastic. Maple and ash are the two most popular woods because they act as good shock absorbers, they maintain their rigid shape without warping, and they are very sturdy. Pool cues with glass-bonded shafts (particularly Cuetec are great options to avoid dents or dings, but they can’t be turned down. The best pool sticks have lifetime warranties due to their specific craftsmanship.

The right size. Pick one that’s the right size for you, particularly the diameter of the shaft. If you can’t find one that’s the perfect fit for you, consider custom pool cues based on your desired measurements. 

The right taper. Standard tapers are often the best for beginning players. But more advanced billiards players might find a pro taper more comfortable. Double tapers are thinnest in the middle rather than at the tip. 

The right tip. A bad tip can ruin your shot because it failed to make the right contact or couldn’t make the ball spin. You want a tip that lets you make every kind of shot when you have perfect control.

What brands offer some of the best pool cues on the market?

Several brands of professional pool cues offer high-quality materials, custom pool sticks, and warranties. The beauty of top brands is that they offer cool designs that fit your style. 

Consider purchasing a pool cue from the following brands for top results. Prices on them vary, depending on the features of the cues.

Happy shopping! We hope you find the pool cue that’s right for you.