Lucasi Limited Edition LUX 32

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Lucasi Custom: The Brand That Started It All

Lucasi was Cue & Cases' first cue brand, and 20+ years later it's still going strong. Founder Jim Lucas created Lucasi as a line of cues affordable enough for non-professional players, but high quality enough to last for generations, and that is precisely what Lucasi Custom continues to bring. Some of our oldest cues have now become well loved by multiple generations, and we continue to produce great quality cues with traditional styling year after year.

 We have cues ranging from the very traditional four-prong style to sleek and simple designs that let the beauty of the wood shine through, to modern classics with intricate inlays and beautiful exotic leather wraps.

The latest addition to the Limited Edition Lucasi LUX series is the LUX32. This cue features a 11.75mm Zero Flex Slim shaft with a Kamui Original tip. The forearm features a Matte Blue and Matte Black combination. Bringing this cue together is the Lucasi Hybrid sports wrap. This is a sleek looking design that is sure to sell quick.

LUX32 is a Sleek Matte & Genesis Blue alternating ring design, back-end loaded G5 grip, stainless steel butt capped cue with Quick-Release Uni-loc® joint. It comes with an upgraded Lucasi 11.75mm Zero Flex Slim® Low Deflection shaft and Kamui Pro Soft layered tip.